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About Us

Lending a heartwarming, organically intimate & ear-saving delivery

We’re Posh Polloi—an engaging musical duo

1 Voice, 1 Guitar, timeless songs that you’ll know


We play 8 Decades of Music you’ll love and remember

Acoustic in style, and beautifully rendered

Sinatra to Sgt.Pepper’s—ABBA to Elish

Lana to Ariana, Harry Styles to Nirvana

You’ll know every song… might sing to a few

If you have a request, we’ll try to play it for you


We like to dress up…..glitz-glam, classy-trashy

Have fun, some laughs, hopefully made people happy

We’re just like you…..we truly love music

Listening to live music is a known therapeutic 


We’re acoustic in nature, easy on the ears 

Just the right vibe for restaurants, bars, and speakeasys

We know lots of songs—that span lots of genres

Pop, Rock, Soul, Country, Jazz, Reggae, even Electronica

We play songs you’ll know, but they’re not tired and obvious 

You’ll likely hear songs you’ve not heard played live otherwise


So… matter your age, or the decades you’ve lived through 

The songs you grew up with, danced, cried, or made love to 

The old songs, the deep tracks, and ones that are brand new    

Posh Polloi loves creating musical memories with you! 


The singular Guitar Slayer and Master of Production in Posh Polloi


He’s played guitar longer than most of us have had Spotify accounts….but who’s counting. Posh Polloi plays 8 decades of music….and amazingly, Danny has been rocking along through most of them.


He learned how to play guitar by listening to vinyl records, but he’s not an old-school purist. He’s a music fan of all decades and genres. It doesn’t matter who recorded it, or when— if it’s a great song, he’s in.


Being born in the 60’s, and then a geeky teenager in the 70’s, Danny was inspired by classic rock guitarists like Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and George Harrison (The Beatles). He embraced the innovations of 80’s musicians like The Edge (U2) and Johnny Marr (The Smiths), and grunged out with Sound Garden and Nirvana. Inspired by 90’s Brit Pop bands (Radiohead, Oasis, and Blur), Danny started The Tender Idols with enigmatic English frontman, Ian Webber. Although legendary songwriters (McCartney, Neil Finn, Carole King), will always be faves, 2000’s modern popsters (Lana, Ariana, Eilish, Adele) and recent discoveries Khruangbin and Men I Trust are also in the mix. 


Danny has done some pretty cool “rockstar stuff” (although he’ll only sheepishly admit it) like studying with legendary prog-rock guitarist Robert Fripp (King Crimson, Bowie) and playing and recording with rock bands (The Tender Idols, The Life, Alice Peacock, Almost Elton John). He’s toured and opened for Heart, John Mellencamp, Aimee Mann, The Fixx, Blur, Elvis Costello … and many others. Danny is a studio owner, record producer, educator, husband, and father. 


Whether in his role as Associate Director of the Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program (MEBUS) at KSU, London Study Abroad and Abbey Road Studios tour leader, or imparting music trivia at shows, Danny loves sharing knowledge.


Danny gets a lot of joy from performing in Posh Polloi with songstress and biker babe, Livi McGill. And, creating engaging acoustic arrangements of unexpected treasures like Depeche Mode, Patsy Cline, or T-Pain. Bring it on!


Danny’s web channel, “Posh Guitarist” is coming soon!  He’s excited to share his unique approach to creating Posh Polloi’s guitar arrangements.  


Thanks, and stay tuned! 

Noticed for her glitzy eye wear but remembered for her soaring vocals in Posh Polloi


A corporate girly by day and songstress by night, Livi’s been singing on and off stage since a young age. However, it wasn’t until the last few years she’s found her passion for it. Performing songs from the past 8 decades has been crucial to defining her signature sound and register.


Livi’s musical influences stem from quite the range. You wouldn’t think the smooth, bluesy vocals of Patsy Cline would pique the interest of our death metal loving girl…but together they just make sense. While spending an evening with Posh Polloi, you’ll experience a range of vocals from Livi….. From psychedelic, soul melting “White Rabbit” (Jefferson Airplane) to sultry and soft “Tennessee Whiskey” (Chris Stapleton).


She met her Posh partner, Danny Howes, back in 2014 when she joined the Joel A. Katz Music & Entertainment Business Program (MEBUS) at Kennesaw State University. They’ve worked together on and off over the past ten years which finally led to the creation of Posh Polloi.


Come join the fun!





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