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Posh Peep's & Professionals

A page dedicated to our dear friends, family, and the relationships we build along the way!


Sammy Fodroczi

Resident Rockstar, Sammy has the voice of an angel! Recently graduated from KSU with a Bachelors in Music, she blesses us with her vocals every Wednesday at Le Meridien, from 5 - 7PM.

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Ian Webber

Cheers to Ian for the Posh Polloi logo design and photography (check out his gorgeous B&W images on our site.....classic!)

Singer-Songwriter, British frontman, Photographer, Entrepreneur.... what DOESN'T Ian do?


FUN FACT: Ian co-founded The Tender Idols with Posh's very own, Danny!

Check out his t-shirt company, "Boys Keep Swinging"

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Woody & The Noahs

A special shout out to our MEBUS interns, Woody & the Noahs. The enthusiasm and fun they bring to Posh Polloi is invaluable!

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Patti Howes

Our AMAZING and BEAUTIFULLY talented band Mama.

Patti gives Posh her heart and brings endless encouragement to our passion.

Danny is one lucky man to be married to this woman!

When she's not rooting for Posh Polloi, Patti has her own company of non-toxic products: DiaFlora essential oil fragrances & body care

Be on the look-out for an exclusive Posh Polloi scent ;)

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Michael Magno

The man, the myth... THE LEGEND! Michael Magno, what an honor it is to have this guy in our lives.

Michael is an incredible performer and has a name in the entertainment business. He's had our backs since the start and continues to support our dreams.

Cheers to you, Michael!

Check him out y'all!! He's awesome!

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Ace, Abram, & Mac

The guys behind the curtain last semester... making sure it all ran smoothly! These three are on to AMAZING things and we miss them tons. 

Thanks for everything you did and continue to do.


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